Bob Zachar - Bartlett Tennessee

You know, when you have to buy a transmission 400 miles from home, you're really "under the gun", because you know if a problem develops you sure aren't able to take it back easily. Fortunately for us, such a problem never arose. I don't think it's an accident that your work help up like it has. Quality is not an accident, it's a process that reflects directly on the person at the helm. Unfortunately for you, the distance between us prevents my bragging about the service I got to result in referred customers for you. Believe this; I have told the story about the broken transmission in the Smoky Mountains to a lot of people in Memphis. It usually comes up when someone remarks, "are you still driving that old Chevrolet"? "How many miles on it"? Of course when I tell them, "enough to get to the moon", they want to know if it's the original engine and transmission. On the issue of quality, let me share a quote from FedEx's Fred Smith. He was speaking to a large group of employees and basically said, "Satisfying the customer in this competitive world is not enough, we must DELIGHT them. Because although satisfied customers will probably stay loyal (emphasize probably), delighted customers multiply". Delighting customers means going above and beyond the industry norms, but the payback means the difference between survival and growth or demise. So much for rambling. I'm sure I speak for numerous customers who are also "delighted", but never took the time to say thanks. You know how it is, we're all so busy that we only tend to speak when it's something to complain about. Thanks for the great deal on a great transmission job!

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