Joe Wilcox - Sevierville Tennessee


Just a note to say thank you for the quick and dependable service you did on my wife's car. I was referred to you from a friend that also believes in you. I made the appointment to have my transmission filter changed and flushed before I went on a road trip back to Michigan to visit my family, you got me right in like you said you would do. You were good enough to take me back to work and pick me up when the job was done, this was a great service to me. You mentioned that you checked the tire pressure and belts and hoses which also helped put my mind at ease since I did not have the time to do it myself. You also mentioned something that I should keep an eye on about my transmission and when I got back to Michigan I followed up with a GM transmission specialist I had known for years and he agreed to what you had told me. I will recommend you to anybody looking for a Transmission Specialist and you will continue to do my work in the future.

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