Don Watson - Sevierville Tennessee

On December 12, 2006, I was Christmas shopping in Sevierville and parked at one of the many outlets. Upon returning to my vehicle, I started the engine and placed the vehicle in reverse. As I gently accelerated to back out of the parking space, the vehicle did not respond as the transmission seemed to slip. The transmission suddenly caught and jerked into gear. I tried forward, reverse, and everything worked perfectly. However, my 2003 Ford Explorer does not have a stick to check the level, you must place the vehicle on a lift at a service station. I wanted to make sure the fluid levels was correct to prevent any future problems, so I visited several locations and asked to have the fluid level checked. One location told me they would not check the fluid, but they would hook me up for a diagnostic test for a substantial fee. I explained that the transmission was working fine, and I just wanted to check the fluid as a precaution. They still refused. The other locations were busy or told me they couldn't perform the service check on my transmission. Thinking I was going to have to drive to Knoxville or similar distance, I thought of Chip's Transmission repair shop in Sevierville. I went there and talked to Mr. Phil Sims. They had numerous vehicles being repaired, but Mr. Sims worked me into their schedule in a timely manner. They completed the check on my transmission, and did so at a very fair price. I mistakenly thought of a transmission shop as a location for repairs only. However, they perform repairs and many other functions as well. Many thanks to you Phil, for taking time out of your busy schedule to perform a small job for me. Next time I'm going to Chip's Transmissions first!

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